Is internet safe ?

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Is internet safe ?

  • Posted: February 3, 2019
  • By: Admin

The internet is a very adventures/unique place where we can learn different things, can do deep research on our project and also ping our friends and families from any corner of the world. In different place and corner of the internet we can discuss our ideas, share our opinions with strangers and learn different things. But as we all know that every coin has two different sides. We all know the advantages of the internet but there is a dark secret of it also. The dark place of the internet where the kid’s visit can lead to a dangerous situation and can have long time impact.
The Internet is also known as the World Wide Web where we can find a lot of necessary Websites, Tools etc. However, there at the same time, there are a lot of evil people which we can find. There are nearly billions of websites on the internet which makes impossible to control what to broadcast and what not to broadcast on the internet.
It is estimated that if the automobile industry develops or get expand just like the IT industry; Ferrari F60 America that costs $2.6million would only cost 16 cents. It might sound myth or some people take it as a joke but what if it is true?
When the large group of skilled manpower gets engaged in Automobile company just like IT companies then there would be a lot of competition in a market where manufacturers have to sell their products at a low price to get consumers. Maybe the 16 cents might sound like too low but it would be extremely low if we compare to the price of the cars in today’s market. The World company is dominated by big IT companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and other social media sites company. Many people are highly engaged in IT companies only a few people and fewer highly skilled manpower has shown the interest in an Automobile Industry.
There are a couple of question’s which is high on trend which is “What if cars(self-driving or censor filled cars) shared our driving habit’s or routes to insurance companies?”
“What if automotive vacuum cleaner gives dimensions of our rooms to trade?”

Firstly, we all know there are many advantages of these type of AI technologies but here we are going to talk about the negative points. What really happens if the sensor-filled or self-driving cars shared our driving routes? The answer is simple we become more vulnerable. If our driving routes get caught by any terrorist group or any kinds of gangs then it would affect the consumer’s physically which may lead to losing consumer’s live. After knowing our driving route when we will be got out of the home and when will be the time there would be more than 1 passenger it would be easy for attackers to attack us very efficiently. Secondly, after sharing our data’s it’s pretty much sure that hackers can hack consumer’s self-driving car by getting into vehicle’s software which can affect its operation would be a major security worry.
The other question which is highlighted is “What if automotive vacuum cleaner gives dimensions of our rooms to trade?”
We get hesitate to give any personal information to any unknown person thinking that it might hamper our privacy. Now think of the same situation what if unknown person or group of person knows the corner and every dimension of your room or your HOUSE? Seems pretty scary right? Yes, this could happen to you if you own any kind of automotive vacuum cleaner. If big gigantic IT company can sell our data then what is wrong to doubt that these companies won’t sell these types of confidential information. What if any terrorist or gangs know every dimension of any politician or businessman room/house? Similar to the self-driving carcass, the house of these individuals can get attacked with full efficiency.
The last 2 questions can be called hypothetical risks or can be called the big drama on the Internet, circulated in social media. But the truth is we don’t take it an as big issue until these things don’t occur to someone. When it gets done then the whole internet will break down and debate show in TV’s and on the Internet will be high on trend. To prevent them we need to be aware and should use them in different conditions.
Experts estimated that the number of internet-enabled devices would be 30 billion.

In the above chart, we can clearly see that by 2020 there would be more than 30.73 billion internet-enabled devices in the world and after 5 years numbers would be double. 30.73 billion devices with a low level of security or very fragile security which would be extremely vulnerable to attack. By increasing the number of devices on the internet there would also increase the cyber attacks in the world, especially into the rural area. We store all our data in a single gadget which can be advantageous at some certain extent but it is also harmful at the same time. All it needs is overlooking our cellphone by some attacker or in some kind of lab then BOOM, all our private life is revealed. When the device is unmanaged poorly Hackers/Attackers can easily get accessed to individual’s gadgets and get confidential data’s which leads victims into great trouble like Physically, Mentally etc.
The “attack surface” of Internet is growing…
With the growth of Internet user at the same time, the rising of attacker/hacker is also rising. The term Attack Surface is known as exposure that user has associated with all the devices connected to those networks and more recently devices connecting through intermediary systems and equipment’s that connected to our network, including the network. After the full development of technologies like the Internet of Things such as Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars the cyber-attack will dramatically increase.
The best of an example of Surface Attack of the internet is dated in 2017 in the US. Group of teens developed the malicious program to reset the id and password of the webcam. But unintentionally it was broadcasted in internet and ransomware was collected by the third party. In the result Banks in Europe and Internet service providers were extorted. In addition to that, the effect was so harmful that University in New Jersey had to move to a new place.
The lesson we have to learn from these stories and theory is that the effect of the internet is not only limited on the Internet itself but also it includes physical harm to individuals. Being exposed on the Internet with individual full detailed information is an extremely scary thing. The harm or bad impact will come sooner or later. So, to avoid these types of things User/Individual has to surf the internet safely and use the internet wisely.
Internet Safety for Children
We all went through the adolescence phase where we get attracted to pornography and other inappropriate pictures, videos etc. Same things go with today’s kids when they get into adolescence period. Kids/Teens can be easily invited to these types of’ pornography stuff. For instance, we can see mobile and other gadgets in today’s kids’ hands. When they browse the internet or search the terms which they are afraid to ask the parents (Typically happens to South Asian Countries) and ended up being a term that was inappropriate and him/her ends up getting them caught in the act.
Recently Nepal Government has banned more than 30,000 pornography to reduce the crime rate associated with Sexual Harassment like eve-teasing, rape, and others. But it didn’t stop today’s kids to visit pornography websites. They found other ways to sneak up in these, for instance, using VPN.
Pornography has existed in the on the internet for a long time. It is near to impossible to control the pornography. Dissimilar to other adult magazines where we have to verify our age to buy but the computer has no way of checking the age of its user. In result, it makes very easy to view pornography from the internet.
It is undeniable that the Internet is such a helpful place for kids and students where they can learn different things. But at the same time also they also should realize that it a very hazardous place. When the kids ended up in one of these things think of the consequences that can happen which are inappropriate situations, websites etc. and also it can have a bad impact on kids’ mentality. So, it’s better to keep in mind that Internet safety has become a necessity in the modern world to avoid a different malicious situation.
Internet Safety for Parents
Being in the age of 40 or 50 plus and keeping up with today’s kids and technology is pretty hard especially if you are bad at the English language too. When you are the Father/Mother of your children you want your children and loved ones to be safe from all the ways where the Internet is included. When you are the parents or guardians of some children you want to give your 100 percent to prevent them from any bad and crooked activities especially in the context of Nepal where Cyber Law is not fully implemented. Here are some of the tips for parents to make their children safe from the internet:
• Browsing the internet together to aware kids about online behavior.
• Put the computer in an open place where everybody can watch and monitor. Not an individual room.
• Keep a habit of checking credit card bills for unfamiliar account charges.
• Take your kids seriously if kids report online bullying or uncomfortable online exchange.

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