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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing at Tech-Dock is more than just trends and likes. Instead of likes and following, we get you customers.

Web Devlopment

Allow tech dock to be your web game mentor and we will lead u to web success.

Software Testing

Testing a software is about making the software better.. At tech dock we tests at all the levels and make sure that software is bug-free and robust.

Know About Us

Tech Dock started as an IT company after a bunch of techies decided to stick together way long after their graduation. We became an IT company and started building websites, providing services, promoting content online , digital marketing , seo and tons of other things fueled by our love for technology, ideas and innovation. Sure we all love building beautiful websites but for us the most satisfying thing to do is to let ideas thrive. What we love most of all is innovators and innovations, inventors and their inventions we know how to turn your plans into prototypes, projects into products and engineering samples into products.

Dock's Success Tranformation Story

How to grow world with Us

Everyone defines success differently – as much as there are people, there are different opinions. Number one in our priority list is the success of our client’s organization and their employers as well as employees. We work hard in the name of the success of brands and figure out each and every aspect or ways we could help them for a successful technological journey.

Web technology has been the best platform for showcasing your brands as well as organizations portfolio on the internet. We cannot agree more with the statement, “Your Business isn’t closed on the Internet”. If you are looking for one of the best web service provider in Nepal, congratulations! you spotted one of them. If such a list exists, we should definitely be in it.

Our Clients

We are Providing great Services

!dea !ncubator !ndustry (The 3! intiative)
TD’s 3! program is built with the sole purpose of providing the initial support to entrepreneurs who are getting started, a little stuck on their next step or looking to enter the Nepali startup ecosystem.

TD’s focus is on Smart up for startups(s/s) and provides office space in growing industrial era of Bhaktapur along with access to an exclusive global network of mentors, investors and corporate partners.

The program is three months in duration for RS.10,000 NPR and has been designed with data from working with over 100 top global and Local startups. No matter your stage,
if you’re looking for support or growing your network strategically–and you want to be at the center of the action.
Join 3! program today.

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